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The best way to avoid poor aesthetic results is to choose a reputable, credentialed provider who has an eye for detail and nuance. The axiom “less is more” is especially relevant when it comes to administering dermal fillers. At Nava Face & Eye, we can correct poor results obtained at other medspas, helping patients regain their trust in the cosmetic field and achieve the look they originally intended. 

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What is Hyaluronidase?

Hyaluronidase breaks down HA molecules in dermal fillers through controlled enzyme action. This mechanism is a perfect fit when it comes to dissolving unwanted injectables. Hyaluronidase erodes the hyaluronic acid bonds, breaking the molecules into smaller pieces that can be more rapidly absorbed by the body.

What are the Advantages of Dissolving Filler?

  • Corrects poor aesthetic results
  • Reinstates your natural contours
  • Reduces the risk of nodules or granulomas
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Works quickly

Who is a Good Candidate for Filler Removal?

If you are dissatisfied with your dermal filler results, you are likely a good candidate for the filler dissolver known as hyaluronidase. Patients typically pursue filler removal for the following reasons:

  • They are unhappy with their aesthetic results
  • They want to correct the volume of their filler
  • They seek more subtle changes
  • They have experienced complications from a previous treatment
  • Their filler has migrated to an unintended area
  • They have changed their minds and no longer want dermal fillers
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What Can I Expect From My Filler Reversal Treatment?

Undergoing filler reversal with hyaluronidase is a simple and straightforward process. Procedure time is usually around 15-20 minutes. Just like when the filler was originally administered, your skin will be numbed to ensure your complete comfort and relaxation during your appointment. Hyaluronidase will then be injected into the targeted areas to begin breaking down the unwanted filler right away. 

Recovery and Aftercare

Mild swelling, redness, and soreness at the injection sites may occur. However, these symptoms usually resolve quickly, within a few days at most. Aftercare is similar to what you might have encountered after your original dermal filler treatment. You should take care to avoid strenuous activity and exposure to excessive heat for the first 24 hours. Most patients will see results within 24-48 hours. Note that for certain more complicated filler removal cases, multiple hyaluronidase treatments may be required to achieve your ideal outcome. 

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Why Choose Nava Face & Eye in Boise, ID?

Founded by board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Vargason, Nava Face & Eye is a state-of-the-art sanctuary for elegant, nuanced cosmetic results. From the patience, dedication, and skill of our world-class providers to our advanced, cutting-edge technology and immaculate office setting, Nava Face & Eye stands out as a leader in the cosmetic field. 

Dr. Vargason received both her medical and doctorate degrees at world-renowned UCLA before completing her residency at Vanderbilt Eye Institute. She then underwent elite fellowship training at Cincinnati Eye Institute. Dr. Vargason is committed to patient safety and believes in educating patients through an in-depth question-and-answer session during their private consultation. Call today to get started!

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