Tears help keep your eyes lubricated and remove foreign particles that can get in the way of your vision. Tears are produced through the lacrimal glands inside the upper eyelids. Each time you blink, tears are released, and keep the eyes moist and healthy. Once the tears are released from the tear ducts, they are drained through a small pipe called the canaliculus and moved into the lacrimal sac. After this, the tears move through the nose and are drained. 

What Is Excessive Tearing?

When too many tears are produced at once, it can overload the tear ducts and lead to watery eyes. Occasional excess tears are no cause for alarm, but when the condition becomes chronic, it may be cause for concern.

Excess tears can interfere with your ability to see and may even get in the way of certain activities. They can also be a sign of an underlying injury or blockage. If you are experiencing excess tearing, Nava Face & Eye can help find the root of the problem and recommend a treatment.

Reasons for Excessive Tearing

There are a number of reasons why excess tearing may occur. This includes:
Allergic reactions

  • Certain medications
  • Dry eyes
  • Eyelid or eyelash disorder
  • Environmental irritants such as wind, smokes, or fumes
  • Foreign particle within the eye
  • Glaucoma 
  • Injury or defect within the tear drainage system
  • Infection within the tear drainage system or eye
  • Scratch or injury to the eye
  • Strained eyes 

How to Treat Excessive Tearing 

After your Ophthalmologist has determined the cause of your excess tearing, they may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • The use of an ointment or eye drops to help lubricate the eyes
  • Surgery to open a blocked drainage system 
  • Surgery to repair an injury to the drainage system 
  • The removal of an inturned eyelash or other particles in the eye
  • A dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) to create a new opening the lacrimal sac into the nose
  • The insertion of an artificial tear duct implant

Your Ophthalmologist will discuss the most appropriate form of treatment with you during your appointment.

How to Determine the Cause of Excessive Tearing

To find the cause of excessive tearing, you will need to visit an Ophthalmologist. During this time, your Ophthalmologist a few tests to determine the underlying source of the problem. Some of the evaluations they may use include:

  • Use fluid to irrigate your tear drainage system and ensure the pathway is opened correctly. 
  • Measure your eye pressure
  • Measure your tear production 
  • Use a fluorescent dye test to illuminate your tear drain
  • Perform a computerized tomography (CT) scan
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About Nava Face & Eye

Nava Face & Eye was established to bring patient-focused Oculoplastic Surgery to the Nampa and Boise areas. We provide care for the eyelids, tear drainage system, and eye sockets. We believe that the eyes are the most important feature of the face and should be treated as such. That’s why we provide the highest standards of eye care. We achieve this through modern, evidence-based knowledge and rigorous attention to detail. If you are experiencing excess tearing, schedule your appointment at Nava Face & Eye today.

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